“Finally: A Professionally Done Interior Paint Job That Makes You Feel Like You’ve Gotten A Whole New House!”

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Hello, my name is Aaron Vytlacil and I’m the owner of AV Painting. My crew and I specialize in interior painting, and have painted over 300 houses in the Seattle area.

Here’s what you can expect when we show up to paint your house:

A meticulous attention to detail. Every square inch of your home will be painted just the way you like it… with crisp, clean, sharp lines.

Interior painting that’s designed to protect your health. We use low-odor, low-VOC paints, as well as dust barriers to stop irritants from floating into your lungs. This helps reduce the harmful effects of interior painting, so you can continue to live safely in your home while we paint.

You won’t be disturbed or disrupted. We clean as we go, stay out of your way, and neatly pack away all our materials and equipment at the end of each day.

Your paint job will be completed in a timely manner. We’ll show up on time every single morning, and do everything we can to complete your project on (or ahead) of schedule.

Don’t worry about being “picky”, “horribly indecisive”, or “not an easy client”. I understand painting your house is a big investment, and I’ll do everything I can (and more) to make sure you get a house you’re happy coming home to.

We’re a tight-knit crew of professional painters that you’ll feel comfortable having inside your home. Homeowners often comment how professional, knowledgeable, reliable, hardworking, respectful, friendly, courteous, polite, pleasant, caring, considerate, straight-forward, efficient, clean, thorough and very easy to work with my painting crew is. I hope you’ll feel the same.

You’ll be working with a “real painting business” that's been around since 2005 (over 11 years). AV Painting is licensed by the State of Washington (#AVPAIPL877K3), has a $6,000 Specialty Contractor Surety Bond, and has a $2,000,000 General Liability Policy.

You’ll get an 8 (eight) year written warranty. This means that if your paint job starts to fail (bubble, crack, peel, etc.) within 8 years of painting, I’ll personally come out and fix it for you – free of charge.

You can call, text, or email me anytime (even if I’m asleep). From start to finish, you’ll get an immediate response to any questions or concerns you may have. You’ll also be “kept in the loop” with daily updates on our progress, and a walkthrough of what we’ll be doing next.

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My 7-Step Interior Painting Process

Over the past 11-years I’ve developed the following 7-step interior painting process to guarantee you get the best paint job possible:

1. A Free, Incredibly Detailed, Multi-Page Bid

You’ll be given a free, incredibly detailed, multi-page bid that spells out everything we’ll be doing and how much it will cost.

This is a “fixed-price bid” – which means it will line up perfectly with the final cost, so you’ll never have any last minute financial surprises to deal with.

During this quick, highly accurate, and completely transparent bidding process, I’ll listen to everything you have to say and thoughtfully answer any questions you have.

I will also:

2. Protecting Your Home

My crew and I understand that we are guests in your home, and will take great time and care to protect it. Here’s how:

3. Scraping, Sanding, Puttying & Caulking

If the areas being painted have any old, loose, or flaking paint… we’ll use high carbon steel scrapers to remove it. This is important because it allows the new paint to stick directly to the surface of what’s being painted… instead of sticking to an old, loose, or flaky layer of paint that could fly away at any minute.

(Note: If your house was built before 1978, it’s very likely that it was painted using lead-based paint – which can cause brain damage and learning disabilities in children and pets. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) requires all painters removing lead-based paint to follow extremely strict lead containment procedures. We’ve been certified by the EPA as a Lead-Safe Certified Renovator, and can handle this problem for you if you have it.)

If the area being painted has any imperfections, we'll use a random orbital power sander (with a vacuum attachment to control dust)... to smooth out the area and make it look better.

And, if we need to do a lot of sanding in a particular area, we’ll section it off with dust barrier (this is a plastic door with a zipper down the middle) to make sure the dust doesn’t fly around your house and into your lungs.

All nail holes and gouges will be filled with putty and smoothed over. This makes area even and guarantees it will blend in once it’s painted over.

Every crack, gap, and seam (no matter how small it is) will be filled with siliconized acrylic caulking to improve aesthetics and insulation.

4. Priming

Primer is basically “the glue” that causes the paint stick.

So if the surface being painted (drywall, wood, brick, concrete, metal, etc.) is “bare” – meaning it has never been painted before – it will need primer.

We usually use high quality Zinsser® Bulls Eye 1-2-3® primer… but if a different type of primer is required for a particular surface, we’ll use that instead.

All primer will be applied by hand with a brush and roller, which helps the primer deeply penetrate the area being painted (creating a stronger bond for the paint).

5. Painting

Two (2) generous coats of high quality, non-toxic, environmentally friendly Sherwin-Williams® paint will be applied.

This is a low-odor, low-VOC paint… which means it won’t stink up your house the way most paints do, and it contains less VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds which get released into the air as the paint dries) than most paints.

We’ll make sure every square inch of your home gets “just the right amount” of paint. This is important because too little paint means your paint job won’t last as long as it should… while too much paint leads to a thick, saggy coat that looks ugly.

We also take our time to make sure that (a) no paint marks are left behind, and (b) that all spills, splatters, and drips – that might accidentally get stepped in and tracked through your house – are avoided.

6. Clean Up

We clean up as we go, so your house won’t look like the inside of a trash can.

At the end of each day we carefully pack away all our supplies and organize our tools… making sure NOTHING is left in your way.

On the final day, we double-check to make sure your home is spotless, and that not a single piece of trash is left in your house.

Plus, anything that was dismantled for safekeeping (light switches, outlet wall plates, towel racks, brackets, phone and cable TV jacks, heating and A/C vents, door handles, door hinges and door stops) will be put back exactly the way we found it.

(Note: I usually recommend waiting a few weeks for the paint to dry completely, before fully tightening the screws of anything that was dismantled. This ensures it won’t stick to the wall – or rip paint off the wall – the next time you try to remove it.)

7. Final Walkthrough

You and I will do a final (and extremely thorough) walkthrough to make sure you’re 100% satisfied with your paint job.

In the rare event that we do find a missed spot, or an area that needs retouching, I’ll get it fixed for you ASAP.

And if you notice something we didn’t catch a few days after the final walkthrough, just give me a call and I’ll swing by to touch it up for free.

By the way, don’t forget that your interior paint job is covered by an 8 (eight) year written warranty. This means that if your paint job starts to fail (bubble, crack, peel, etc.) within 8 years of painting, I’ll personally come out and fix it for you – free of charge.

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“I am happy to recommend Aaron Vytlacil based on his work painting my house. I found him both hard working and easy to deal with. I am fully satisfied with the result. His crew did great detail work and Aaron was available at all times to answer any questions and make the entire process a pleasant experience.” - Donna Basiliere (9312 42d AVE NE, Seattle WA 98115) ★★★★★

“Aaron made the daunting painting process very easy and we were more than satisfied with the final result. AV Painting goes above and beyond what is necessary to make sure things get done right.” - Eric & Bridgette Lundquist (5741 NE 62nd ST, Seattle WA 98115) ★★★★★

“When we were having a party and were worried about kids playing around the scaffolding Aaron had set up, we called him and he was able to come right out on a Saturday and take it down before our party. I think Aaron’s commitment to service is quite rare and we were lucky to have him paint the house. The end result is beautiful. Don’t hesitate to hire Aaron, the quality of his paint jobs and service are exceptional.” - Allen Howard (Seattle) ★★★★★

“The quality of the work was outstanding and I was amazed that a house this big could be painted so efficiently.” - Jane Fields (5600 NE 77th ST, Seattle WA 98115) ★★★★★

“Aaron was very easy to schedule with and came out and gave us a great bid. The work was completed as discussed with no issues, and his painter as very professional and kept everything neat and orderly. The newly painted trim looks great and we plan on using AV Painting in the future when we need the rest of the house painted.” - Kristin Reese (910 NW 122nd ST, Seattle WA 98177) ★★★★★

“Aaron is a pleasure to work with. He made the whole process very easy for us and produced an excellent result. I will be using AV Painting in the future to do our rental house.” - David & Ann Griffin (6202 27th AVE NE, Seattle WA 98115) ★★★★★

“We had a great experience with AV Painting. Their prep work was exceptional and the finished result is impressive. I don't hesitate to recommend Aaron to my friends and neighbors.” - Brady Bell (4009 NE 87th ST, Seattle WA 98115) ★★★★★

“The level of workmanship was outstanding, the window trim was very detailed and it was amazing so see a line painted so straight by hand!” - Marcia Jordan (6807 30t h AVE NE, Seattle WA 98115) ★★★★★

“I used AV Painting to repaint my house in Queen Anne. The bid was very reasonable and I am completely happy with how the job went. Aaron runs a very professional outfit.” - Alfred Tennison (2207 4th AVE N, Seattle WA 98109) ★★★★★

“Aaron's crew made scraping every last bit of paint off the shingles a focus, and I was amazed at the transformation. The house is completely restored and I'm happy to recommend AV Painting.” - Susie Swink (6229 43rd AVE NE, Seattle WA 98115) ★★★★★

“We hired Aaron to paint our home as he had done a number of jobs in the neighborhood that looked good. Our house turned out great, and his unique attention to detail outlining the different steps of the painting process and recommending where to do more than one coat really made us feel comfortable that he was the right person for the job.” - Peter Moore (6533 42nd AVE NE, Seattle WA 98115) ★★★★★

“They spent a lot of time making sure to scrape all the loose paint off and seal all the cracks with caulking. Aaron outlined a clear plan with regard to properly preparing the old failing paint and honored his bid by sticking to exactly what he laid out. Aaron was professional and friendly, as was his crew of 2-3 painters. I would happily recommend the services of AV Painting to anyone in the area looking for a great paint job and even better service. Aaron was always available to answer any questions or concerns we had!” - Janene Hubbard (6521 47th AVE NE, Seattle WA 98115) ★★★★★

“The siding was new, so that was easy to work with, but the korbels supporting the roof overhang presented a special challenge and were difficult to paint around. Nevertheless, they did a great job of working around them and I am totally satisfied. They did the work on time and on budget. If I could choose all over again, I would choose Aaron and his crew without hesitation.” - Michael Burton (6828 47th AVE NE, Seattle WA 98115) ★★★★★

“It is a pleasure to recommend Mr. Aaron Vytlacil who recently painted my home in the Bryant neighborhood. The work ethic of Aaron and his crew were outstanding. All in all, I am glad to recommend him to other customers. He works hard and efficiently, and the final product is excellent.” - Aimee Hayes Bakken (Seattle) ★★★★★

“Our experience with AV Painting was very positive. The crew showed up on time every day, did exactly what Aaron outlined in the proposal, and we are extremely pleased with how the whole job turned out. We will be recommending AV Painting to our friends and neighbors.” - Laura Price (6203 44th AVE NE, Seattle WA 98115) ★★★★★

“I am writing this letter to recommend Aaron Vytlacil’s company AV Painting. We needed to repaint the interior of our Ballard house this summer (August 2012) and Aaron came in with a fair bid and a professional attitude. His crew worked diligently to get the job done in the time frame that was specified and even completed additional work that needed to be done. We are completely satisfied with the end product and attention to detail throughout the whole process.” - Mitchell Camiel (7707 22nd AVE NW, Seattle WA 98117) ★★★★★

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Washington State requires contractors to provide the following notice: NOTICE TO CUSTOMER This contractor is registered with the state of Washington, registration no. #AVPAIPL877K3, and has posted with the state a bond or deposit of $6000 for the purpose of satisfying claims against the contractor for breach of contract including negligent or improper work in the conduct of the contractor's business. The expiration date of this contractor's registration is June 17th, 2017.